A history of pagan Europe

A history of pagan EuropeIn this definitive study, Prudence Jones and Nigel Pennick draw together the fragmented sources of Europe’s native religions and establish the coherence and continuity of the Pagan world vision. Challenging a traditional, Christian perspective of history, the authors argue that the modern world owes to ancient Paganism its pluralistic tolerance, its love of the arts and its respect for empirical method.

Exploring Paganism as it developed from the ancient world, through the Celtic and Germanic periods, the authors finally appraise modern Paganism and its apparent causes. Feminist spirituality, the heritage movement, nature-worship and “deep” ecology are some of the modern preoccupations which benefit from being examined within the wider context of European Paganism.

This innovative and comprehensive history of European Paganism will provide a stimulating, reliable guide to this popular dimension of religious culture.

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