Rodnoverie - the first all-Russian magazine about paganism

Everything is recoverable, except the source

In years, events disappear without being preserved. The essence of what the Ancestors knew is largely forgotten and hard to guess, but our memory and thoughts about the innermost reveal grains of truth, bringing together and whole Gods and Slavic clans thread. Much of the ancestral and native has been lost over time and under the influence of evil events. But we can still return to our Original, to our ancestral and native, to our Gods, but for this we need to find a way to them. And this way is our native tradition, our customs, the history and our memory.

The presented materials allow the reader to explore the symbolic, cosmological and psychological world of our Ancestors, to understand the origin and meaning. This is a gradual process. After all, a child first learns to understand speech and only then to speak, and he will learn to write later than to read. It is possible to comprehend the ways of changing reality only after a certain path has been passed, a solid foundation has been found.

It seems that in the old days we made a mistake, lost our way. People gradually moved away from the wisdom of the Gods, lost touch with the Universe. Only our own efforts can return to each of us long-lost knowledge and abilities. It was for the sake of solving this difficult but noble task that our publication was conceived.

We lost a lot in ancient times and continued to lose in the recent past. We are still suffering losses thanks to the «regenerators» who are only concerned about achieving their own selfish goals. They often lead people into a world built on their own false assumptions, trying to get financial benefits and misleading people.

But what is more important is not who or what we stand against, but who or what we stand for. Therefore, the main thing for us now is to turn back to the knowledge of our Ancestors to lay the foundation for communication with the Universe and get closer to the radiance of the Gods. This is the only way we can win and come to inner peace, to come to terms with ourselves, to preserve and multiply our people. To transform the world around you, you first need to change yourself.

Customs and rituals are a system of understanding the world and help us achieve different goals, protecting us from foreign influence. They act both directly – in voloshba, and indirectly – gradually transforming the human mind. This knowledge can be applied to work with a person, expand consciousness, develop abilities, heal, change reality.

To immerse yourself in your native Tradition and accept it as a part of your life is the best gift for personal health. You will know yourself, your own Self, unique and at the same time, being part of the whole. Knowledge is the language of communication, guided by your will, will become an action that can change the world.

To understand the tradition as our Ancestors understood it is only the first steps. It is necessary to acquire new knowledge. Knowledge of tradition transforms us, and we, in turn, must renew our perception of it. Traditions have changed and will always change. They will demand changes. Tradition is the path of transformation.

Our tradition, like any worthwhile knowledge, is stubborn and hidden – and is no stranger to guile. She often speaks in riddles, but there is more meaning in her riddles than in clear and direct speech. It is not true that knowledge can be obtained only as a gift. True wisdom is taken only by the human will. The will and the consciousness subordinated to it are the only real gift. This gift is a sword, a sword-a treasure from native fairy tales, which we received at the dawn of our existence, with it we will pave our way in this world.

In this source of information, we have collected materials and research in the field of our traditions and customs. You will immerse yourself in research and layers of knowledge in the field of cosmogony, history, ethnography, theology and psychology. Then you will be able to bring the knowledge you have gained to life – as a skill to penetrate the mysteries surrounding us and the ability to embody your will to the world in which we live.

We hope that the content provided by us will lead you to a deeper understanding of traditions and customs. Thanks to our will, we will see the radiance of the Gods and feel it more clearly than ever before.

The hour before dawn is always the darkest. So, it was before the return to life of our traditions. After religious preachers have purposefully destroyed ancient customs for centuries, and political movements have distorted their essence, it is not just a difficult task to return the wisdom of the primordial tradition to our culture. Perhaps this is a real achievement of our time!

the Editorial Board of the print edition of the Rodnoverie magazine